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Klotz - La Grange ★ Instrument Cable - Jack-Jack (3m) | (6m) | (9m)

The Klotz La Grange Instrument Cable 9m. La Grange are multi-award-winning cables which have become a market classic over the last 20 years and are still considered the ultimate in quality and reliability. Like our full cable range, La Grange products have naturally been updated to include state-of-the-art plastics such as highly conductive plastics and the latest non-volatile high-temperature plasticizers.

The classic (since 1985) received the Editor’s Pick Award from Guitar Player magazine, fast response, ultra-dynamic, minimum compression, superbly detailed and transparent sound, thick layer of dielectric medium for outstanding conductor insulation, ideal frequency ratios, triple shield for excellent protection against interference, ultra-low capacitance (65 pF/m)

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Dimensions 900 cm

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K-LGJJJ9-001, K-LGJJJ9-002, K-LGJJJ9-003, K-LGJJJ9-004, K-LGJJJ9-005, K-LGJJJ9-006, K-LGJJJ9-007, K-LGJJJ9-008, K-LGJJJ9-009, K-LGJJJ9-010

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