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Marshall - JCM 800 ★ Amplifier Head - Lead 100 (2210) | Lead 100 (2203) Reissue

Marshall sound pure: Model 2203 is regarded as the JCM800 re-issue amp. The head with 100 W master volume is still a sound reference number one, when it comes to honest, open and audible overtones leadsound.

With the New Vintage series Marshall offers the most successful re-issue of the original heads first presented in 1975. This follows faithfully the popular design of the top speaker JCM 800 series born in 1981.

Next to the best reproduction of the original sound, New Vintage series 2203 includes a single feature that is different from the original: FX Loop. It is of course switchable via hardware bypass, so that, when operating without effect device, the sound circuit of the model is available unchanged. Furthermore FX Loop offers level circuit for adaptation to most effect units.

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Weight 21 kg
Dimensions 740 × 210 × 315 cm
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