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Sonor - Signature ★ Snare - Phil Rudd 14" * 5"

The Sonor Signature Series is a right of passage that has to be earned by an artist and Phil Rudd has certainly earned his signature status. Phil has worked with Sonor for over 30 years and has created this unique, signature snare drum exclusively with the reputable drum builders. The design for this snare drum was inspired by Phil’s all time favourite Sonor snare drum, the Sonor Horst Link Signature Brass model, taking inspiration from that his snare drum has a 1.2mm brass drum shell base. Brass is known for being musically warm and vibrant, with the ability to reach open highs and project in volumes, qualities Phil was eager to make use of within his own signature snare drum.

The final prototype Snare Drum was presented to Phil in early 2009 during the “Black Ice” World Tour and used from thereon.

In terms of features this snare drum features TuneSafe Lugs which allows for effortless and reliable tuning whatever your setting, not only that the throw-off snare action. The snare features die cast hoops which are thicker, heavier and more rigid, they are a great addition to a drum as they dry up the sound and are perfect for focussing your tone. A stunningly versatile snare drum that will slide into your existing set-up easily as the chrome plated finish and hardware is just gleaming. The flexible finish is accompanied by the professional and signature golden drum badge stamp from Sonor themselves.

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