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Zildjian - K Series ★ China - 14" | 17" | 19"

K Zildjian cymbals are known for their dark, warm sounds that harken back to the original K cymbals developed by Zildjian in 19th Century Turkey.  Instantly recognizable by their “vented K” logo, K cymbals capture the aura of the original K’s but with far greater consistency, making them the choice of drummers from genres as diverse as Jazz, Country, and Rock.

Dark exotic, mellow sound for special effects.

K Zildjian Chinas are low-pitched china cymbals that let loose with spectacular dark sound effects. The smallest option and unique in size, the 14″ K Mini China has a quick attack with distinct tone colors and is perfect for landing short, sharp accents. It sustains with a medium decay.

The larger 17″ and 19″ K Chinas emit a more exotic, mellow darker tone. The lower china sound lands more heavily with more body. These chinas are great for inserting dark special effects, and provide a booming sound for sweeping accents.

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