General Terms and Conditions

The acceptance of any offer provided by Stahl Backline Rental also means the acceptance of the terms and conditions stated here.

Stahl Backline Rental reserves the right to substitute equipment.


If the reservation of rental gear is cancelled 21 days prior to the event, the customer is eligible for a full refund. If the reservation of rental gear is cancelled 0 to 20 days prior to event, the customer is not eligible for a refund.

Pickup and returns

All offers, unless explicitly otherwise agreed and clearly stated in the offer, are based on the customer picking up the rented gear from the Stahl Backline Rental warehouse according to the pre-agreed schedule. The customer is solely responsible of collecting the gear in a timely manner in order to avoid cancellation of the reservation. 

The rented gear must be returned to the Stahl Backline Rental warehouse according to the pre arranged schedule. If no schedule has been explicitly agreed upon, the gear must be returned to the Stahl warehouse by no later than 12.00 pm on the following day of the last rental day. If the gear is returned between 12.00 pm to 5.00 pm, the customer will be charged an additional 50% of one day’s rent, of the rented gear. 

If the gear is returned after 5.00 pm the customer will be charged one full one day’s rent, of the rented gear. For all additional delayed days before the gear is returned, the customer will be charged a full one day rental charge.


In case the customer has ordered delivery of the rented backline equipment is delivered by Stahl Backline Rental, a Stahl Backline Rental technician will transport the rental backline as required by the customer to the agreed upon venue and setup the rented backline equipment for the customer. The technician will also assist the customer on the use of the backline equipment. 

The above mentioned setting up of the rented backline equipment and instructing the customer, is set to take no longer than one (1) hour. After one (1) hour at the venue, the customer is responsible for requesting and agreeing with the technician on any additional services required and the expected duration. Stahl Backline Rental will charge an additional 60 EUR for every technician for every starting hour, after the first hour at the venue. 

In case that a Stahl Backline Rental technician will transport the rental backline between cities on multiple show days, a standard single room with breakfast included, near the venue shall be arranged by the customer at no cost for Stahl Backline Rental, if this is not arranged in advance Stahl Backline Rental will arrange it at location and bill the cost to customer without further notice.

Every additional backline equipment order made at the venue by the customer will be added to the invoice according to Stahl Backline Rental’s regular tariff. For any additional transportation required to transport the backline equipment and ordered at the venue, Stahl Backline Rental will add an additional  30 EUR to the invoice. Outside Vaasa the cost for transportation of additional backline equipment ordered, is € 1 per vehicle for every kilometer from the venue to the Stahl Backline Rental warehouse and back to the venue. After the artist’s performance a Stahl Backline Rental technician will pack up the rental backline in accordance with the agreed upon schedule and transport it back to the Stahl Backline Rental warehouse.

Vehicle rent

Gas, toll, ferry and parking expenses are never included in the rental price and are to be paid separately by the customer in accordance with local rules and legislation.

Damages and maintenance

Any backline and vehicle maintenance expenses caused by damage to the rented backline equipment or vehicle will be charged to the customer. It is strictly prohibited to make any modifications to the rented backline equipment or vehicle without the explicit permission from a Stahl Backline Rental technician.


If the customer is not able to pay the agreed sum within reasonable time and/or goes bankrupt, the payment responsibility is transferred entirely to the person who signed the order and he / she is then personally liable for payment according to the order.



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